We believe in sustainable growth. It is important for us to adapt business solutions that are financially profitable, but also sustainable from a social and environmental perspective.

We work for sustainable development that:

  • Maximizes our contribution to globally agreed goals for sustainable development
  • Creates long-term value for the company
  • Takes stakeholders' expectations into account

Therefore, we integrate sustainability in the core of our every-day business operations. The work includes, amongst several things, to improve working conditions in the supply chain, cutting emissions of green-house gases and introducing organic and eco-friendly materials.

We invite you to take part of our work with CSR and sustainability. More information is available in our Sustainability Report, where we highlight important activities, achievements and ambitions for the future. The report reflects the questions that are most important for us and has been prioritized high by our stakeholders.

Life Cycle Assessment
During the development of Printer Prime, we used a Cradle to Gate - LCA - to calculate carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption to ensure that production has less negative environmental impact than comparable garment production. 

Our data comes from world’s leading Life Cycle Inventory Databases (LCI).
Environmental data you can rely on. Your analysis is only as good as the data you use for it. Ecochains solutions are based on the world’s leading LCI databases, such as Ecoinvent. On top of that, in 8+ years of existence Ecochain have built extensive sector-specific databases with references for almost every process or product.

We can’t see CO2. And for most of us, a “Carbon Footprint” sounds bad, but we have no benchmarks to compare it to. With the Carbon Translator, you can translate the carbon footprint of any product or company into understandable comparisons.

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